What Makes Brochu & Associates Ltd. Stand Out

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About Brochu & Associates Ltd.

We are an accounting firm in London, Ontario, specializing in helping small to medium-sized businesses maximize profits while minimizing taxes and financial waste. We began offering our services ten years ago.

Our services continuously evolve with the changing times and last year, we introduced a Vault technology during the pandemic. It allows clients to feel safe while uploading their information online allowing us to efficiently prepare income taxes and take care of bookkeeping for them.

Our secure server also allows clients to email or send digital copies of their forms to other institutions or businesses. It means less paper needs to get printed in the office, which is good for the environment and saves clients time.

We serve clients across London, Glencoe, St. Thomas, and the surrounding provinces.

The Brochu & Associates Ltd. Difference

One aspect that makes us second to none is our quality service, as we treat each client with respect, which makes them feel like a person and not a number. While we sometimes endure busy periods, we try to get back in touch with everyone and make sure all their needs are met. 

If a client feels deflated with the CRA or another part of the government, we are here to help them with our expertise at a reasonable price and we stand by our work.

What also sets us apart is that we take care of prep, navigation, and everything else to do with income tax and bookkeeping. Consequently, we diligently follow up to ensure clients can receive refunds in as little as forty-eight hours, and are there by their side if they ever get audited. 

It allows our clients to get back to the stuff they enjoy the most. Our prudent and efficient approach has made us successful.

One of our most noteworthy achievements has been doubling in size in 2019, which was our best year to date. We also received Silver in 2019 for the best accounting firm in London, ON, which was based on community votes. 

Our dream for the future is to be a placeholder in our community and help with job creation (whether it be through our company or assisting other enterprises to achieve their goals and grow large enough to employ more people.) 

We also believe in giving back to society and, as part of that belief, support three local hockey teams, one local runner, and our local theater. One of the organizations we also support is DAD CLUB LONDON. They help society in many different ways, including feeding the homeless and frontline workers and supporting families that have lost a loved one or their homes in disasters.

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